Proudly serving you since 1986


We render various services in the Industry tailored according to project needs; 

taking security and aesthetic as priority. 

We have built an excellent reputation around customer satisfaction and we always take great pride in our work.
Whether commercial, domestic or rental property, we offer almost any property service that you might need. We have built a strong reputation based on excellent customer service. Whether the exterior of the building needs a little work or you want gardening services, we offer as much for the outside of your property as we do for the inside.

We are passionate about understanding our customers’ needs and strive in delivering a trusted service that yields increased satisfaction.

We are a maintenance and improvement company, which specializes in plumbing, decorating, electrics, cleaning and maintenance.  We not only take care of  jobs like the above but also manage a range of large scale, bespoke home improvement projects – including makeovers, renovations and refurbishments. We go all the way from small jobs, appliance repair, fix-ups & touch-ups, to various fittings and installations, interior improvements, kitchen and bathroom renovations, house refurbishment, building of extensions, etc. All of those done with great workmanship and professionalism.

With a customer base spanning both residential and commercial clients, we regularly provide day to day and planned maintenance services to  homes, residential units and businesses.

We are dedicated to service quality, our team of professionals offer a friendly, reliable service, that’s convenient, accessible and affordable to the customer.

Note: We charge £60.00 for first hour and second hours onwards £40.00.
If full Day 8 hours task £320.00 -£350.00 depending on the task per. Professional.