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Wifi Smart Device Wireless Smoke Alarm Detector with APP Controlled

Wifi Smart Device Wireless Smoke Alarm Detector with APP Controlled

Quick Details

Model Number: RSHS2

Colour: White

Function: Emergency Alert

Application: Indoor

Material: ABS

Certificate: CE FCC RoHS

Battery: AAA*2 UNITS

WIFI Smart Device Wireless Smoke Alarm Detector with APP Controlled  

Model No.: RSHS2


This product is a smart photoelectric smoke sensor, with ultra-low-power MCU design. It is an early warning device, cant detect gas, heat, or fire, nor stop fire or put out fire. It is capable of real-time detecting the presence of smoke. Once detect danger of fire smoke, red LED will be ON, and alarming to alert you and your family timely. It can be widely used in household, lounge, coffee house, dancing hall, and any other places need fire alarm monitoring.



Input Voltage: DC3V LR03

Static Current: 35uA

Alarm Current: 160mA

Low-voltage notification: 2.4V

Alarm Sound Level: 70db/1m

WIFI:    802.11b/g/n

Detecting Range: 20 square meters

Installation Method: Ceiling Mounted

Working Temperature: -10-50

Working Humidity: 95%RH ≤95%RH


Flat Ceiling Mounting

The preferred location to install smoke sensor is in the centre of the ceiling, because smoke, heat and combustible products rise to ceiling and will laterally spread. Keep at least 30cm distance from lights or decorations, and at least 15cm away from walls and corners.

Sloping Ceiling Mounting

If Ceiling is sloping, please install the smoke sensor at horizontal distance 90cm away from the ceiling top.


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